Saturday, June 28, 2003

Hey! A Blog!
When I hear that word I think of a movie about a Blob lost in a thick Portland Fog. Perhaps something directed by John Carpenter with commy undertones.
I think there may be some scenes where we really get to meet the Blob, and for a moment we understand his plight. We see a small globby thick mucus-like tear form in his eye. And then Kurt Russel dressed like a futuristic Elvis with blue hair and silver binoculors that cuts through fog like a spoon through chemically enhanced cereal, kills the lonely, lost Blob with a wire hanger. And then he eats the Blob, and all of a sudden he becomes the strongest, smartest, most invisible man with a father who turns into a dog, flies around in an old ford and gets shot by a woman who buys a double indemity insurance policy. Then Kurt mutates. He turns from human into a digitally enhanced robotron into a technicolor claymation figurine into a black and white plastic model held up by strings and then he is finally sucked back into his mother's vagina.

The End
ps. We leave on tour Sunday July 6th

Friday, June 27, 2003

This will be our home away from home. Check back for stories and updates from the road.