Friday, December 23, 2005

This to me is exciting and different. One of Gub's relatives owns a Fedora hat company and they are sponsoring us in Europe. check out their cool site:


Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Only US show for Even In Blackouts! for quite awhile


It will also be the book release party of John Jughead Pierson's novel WEASELS IN A BOX

Friday, December 02, 2005

Here is our European Itinerary so far:
you can check here for further updates:
EIB europe tour

EVEN IN BLACKOUTS European tour 2006
Pop-punk all stars Even In Blackouts are back in Europe with their unique sound and catchy songs.

18/01/2006 Rennes - France @ Mondo Bizarro
19/01/2006 Angoulême - France @ Mars Attack
20/01/2006 Madrid - Spain @ Gruta 77
21/01/2006 Barcelona - Spain @ Ateneu de Vallcarca
22/01/2006 Solsona - Spain @ tbc
23/01/2006 Montpellier - France @ Subsonic
24/01/2006 Nice - France @ Le Volume
25/01/2006 Roma - Italy @ Traffic
26/01/2006 Livorno - Italy @ The Cage
27/01/2006 Fidenza - Italy @ Taun
28/01/2006 La Spezia - Italy @ La Skaletta
29/01/2006 Selestat - France @ Le Tigre
30/01/2006 Glasgow - UK @ 13th NOte
31/01/2006 Edingburgh - UK @ The Subway
1/02/2006 Aberdeen - UK @ Cafe Drummonds
2/02/2006 Belfast - Uk @ The Bunker
3/02/2006 Derry - UK @ The Nerve Centre
4/02/2006 Berlin - Germany @ Wild at Heart
5/02/2006 tba
6/02/2006 tba
7/02/2006 Koln - Germany @ Sonic Ballroom
8/02/2006 Bochum - Germany @ Zwischenfall
9/02/2006 Fredericia - Denmark @ Ungdommens Hus
10/02/2006 Oskarhamn - Sweden @ Decibel
11/02/2006 Stockholm - Sweden @ Debaser !!! changed location !!!
12/02/2006 Oslo - Norway @ Elm Street Rock Café
14/02/2005 Münster - Germany @ Gleis 22
15/02/2006 Den Helder - Holland @ De Bliksem
16/02/2006 Tilburg - Holland @ 013 (Batcave)
17/02/2006 Rotterdam - Holland @ Nighttown
18/02/2006 Gemert - Holland @ De Bunker

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well, the band is back in business and working on a new record and getting ready for a January & February tour of Europe. I don't have any dates in my hands yet but you can keep an eye on:

Also I want to start booking a tour in Canada. It is about time that I return to my roots. If anybody has any contacts for Canada let us know.


John Jughead Pierson

Monday, August 15, 2005

HEY!! We finally got the new web page up. We will be doing some brushing up of the pages for the next few months. But it's finally there!
Also, we are moving very slowly now because we are all trying to scrape by in order to save for the European tour in Mid January.
That will be the only visible activity of the band for awhile. Gub and I are working on new songs, and we hope to get in the studio by April of next year. The lineup will be: Liz, John, Bice, Gub, and Phil.

Also, I have been busy working on a theatrical production called: Daredevils. If you are in or are going to be in Chicago in September or October, come check it out. We have a site:



Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Even In Blackouts

July, 15 2005 at The Bird's Nest
2500 N SOUTHPORT AVENUE, Chicago, IL 60614

Late night Chicago acoustic show!!
July 15 2005 09:30 PM
The Bird's Nest
Chicago, IL 60614,US
$5 21+ Sorry guys
w/ Mit City (Canadian Art Rock), Mayfires & Your little ponies.

EIB goes on pretty damn late. 1am. So drink some coffee, sleep in late, and put your latenight shoes on.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Here is a long review of Zeitgeist's Echo. I asked a friend of mine to make a critical analysis of the record for myself and for whomever is interested. I agree with many of the assesments but not all of them. His conclusion has a darker tone than my own view of it. But the writing is well done.


Friday, May 27, 2005

Live song from Madrid

So when we were in Madrid, Spain we were scheduled to perform a national concert on public radio and tv. We were to record in front of a hired audience of 12 people standing on a wood panel with a camera on each side to help make it look like just a small section of a large crowd. They did not get actual fans of our music or the genre, they got actors to stand there to applaud when they were told. This was also to be recorded at 9am, to be shown on a later date, later at night. In all honesty it was quite an honor and it was for a well respected show that was watched by the whole country.
Well... we pulled into Madrid, every single one of us sick! Sick, I tell you, sicker than dogs! For the first time in her 4 year career in EIB, Liz completely lost her voice. It was a traumatic time for her and for us. I convinced my self at this point that it was probably going to go badly, so I stopped thinking about it and decided to try to have some fun and make the best of it. Liz was very hard on her self. The station doctor, yes the tv station had a doctor, gave her some medicine, it made her feel a little better, but she still had no voice. It went very badly.
So anyway, this is not about that, this is about the show later that night that went very very well. Somehow the amazing Liz had regained her voice, and Gub, Phillip, Dave and I stood without dizzy spells casting down to the sweat stained stage floor, and we had a great, high energy show in front of about 300 Spaniards. I just received a cassette tape of the concert, and have put this cassette on cd. It was a fairly messy concert, but we all jumped around like jumping beans in a hot hand, that's not a very good simile but it was the first one that came to mind. Anyway, I have put a song from this concert up at our purevolume page:
It's called Darkest Days. Check it out if you can.

LIke I said it is pretty messy, but I think it sounds cool. You can't hear the bass, and we are missing Bice, sadly, but Dave did a great job on drums.
Darkest Days.

John Pierson

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hello to everyone throughout the greater galaxy and a few suburbs, Even In Blackouts are on a hiatus for a few months while we return to our lives and try to make sense of our situations. Liz and I are due for a meeting to discuss the future of the band. The last two tours: Europe and The East Coast, went very well, but it took alot out of us. I am beginning to feel like the band needs to find a new way of promoting itself. I tried to create a punk band by doing things that I have never done before, in order not to repeat myself. I think we succeeded, but in the process we have put ourselves slightly out of the market with which I was most familiar. I love touring the pop punk circuit, but I feel it does not love us as much. I am taking some time to analyze this dilemma and see if we have to formulate a new game plan. I don't know anything other than the do it yourself punk world, so I am a little confused on where to go from here. I have tried many labels with a bit more booking power and better distribution, but no one is biting. This should be the time to analyze the band and figure out whether we suck. But I hear so much good about the band, that I don't want to give up that easily. We have had bad reviews, but we have had opposite amazing reviews for the same shows and the same albums. I pretty much new this would happen going into Zeitgeist's Echo, but I didn't want that to stop me and Liz from experimenting with less acceptable ideas in the punk vein. Anyway, I am just babbling because this is on my mind lately.
But if any of you fans have any ideas about labels, or scenes, or booking agents, or managers that are into our type of music just let us know by e-mailing us at

Also there is a Scottish online zine that is pretty popular that is publishing and interview with me. It's pretty interesting, take a look at it. It's very thorough. review/jughead.html

There is also an in depth review of Zeitgeist's Echo by the same interviewer that I will be posting soon.

thanks for listening.

Even In Blackouts

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Even In Blackouts/The Popsters Tour
Yes, on Thursday April 21st we will embark on a two week tour with The Popsters from Sicily.
Here are the dates so far, and some random info I have. (The first show is without the Popsters)

Wednesday April 20th - Beloit, WI
Beloit College - Spring Day Celebration
Further Seems Forever
TBD (band Further Seems Forever is bringing)
Groovie Ghoulies
Mulligan Stu
Even In Blackouts
(no Popsters)
noon to 7pm
if you come..say yer with a band because show is closed to campus

Thursday April 21 - Columbus Ohio
look under "Early Shows"
6pm All Ages
Scarlet & Grey Cafe
2203 North High St.
Columbus, OH 43201
Phone: 614-291-2347

Friday April 22 - NY Binghamton Ny.
East Coast Terminal
44 Corliss Ave.
Johnson City, NY 13790
Fist Her Face 55
2 local bands
$6? $10 or $15 to skate (I don't skate so I couldn't tell you specifically the skating price)

Saturday April 23
CBGB's Lounge
8pm, $7, 18 and over.
Baby Shakes
Bent Outta Shape
Even in Blackouts

Sunday April 24th - Philadelphia PA
The Barbary (Delaware Ave. & Frankford Ave.)
Even in Blackouts
The Popsters
Kittykat Dirtnap
One more TBA
the show isn't listed on the site, but you can get directions and call them for info

Monday April 25th - Boston
Middle East Cafe (upstairs)

Tuesday April 26th - The Flywheel.
2 Holyoke St. Easthampton, MA 01027
All ages

Wednesday April 27th - Jersey City
Over 21
Uncle Joes
154 1st St.
Jersey City, NJ
4 blocks from the Grove St. PATH train

Thursday April 28th - Baltimore Sidebar

Friday April 29th - NC Charlotte. The Milestone.
with The Leather Jackets
The Milestone
3400 Tuckaseegee Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Saturday April 30th - Spartanburg SC - Ground Zero
with The Leather Jackets
Ground Zero
3059 Howard Street
Spartanburg, SC 29303
(864) 948-1661

Sunday May 1st - Charleston SC - Cumberlands
All Ages

Monday May 2nd - Anniston Alabama - Angel Heart Tattoos
Monday, May 2 @ 7PM and $5 ALL AGES
Angel Heart on Quintard Ave.

Tuesday May 3rd - Atlanta Georgia (Marietta)
We just added a show outside of Atlanta Georgia in Marietta. At Lee's place from TreePhort. On Tuesday May 3rd
all ages at 7pm

Wednesday May4th - Driving day.

Thursday May5th - Carbondale at Hangar 9
The Popsters and The Copyrights (without Even In Blackouts)
19 and Up

Friday May 6th - Oshkosh Wisconsin
New Moon Cafe
401 n main st. oshkosh wi, 54901
phone 1(920)232-0976
cost five bucks
show 7:00PM

Saturday May 7th Chicago - Bottom Lounge

Sun. May 8th Flint Local 432
South Bay Bessie
Even In Blackouts
The Popsters
The Yulgits(10 and 11 year olds playing street punk that's actually pretty good)
Colonel Kernal
Doors 5:30 All Ages or
510 S. Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48501
(in the old Metropolis Building)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Well, just got finished writing a long blog about our days in Italy and it got erased, I do not have the energy to write the whole thing again, so let me just say that we are having a great time with friends that I have missed dearly for three years.


Monday, February 14, 2005

So we said goodbye to the Dangerfields yesterday, we will be finishing our tour in Europe and they will be beginning their tour in the USA. The Dangerfields will be on tour for THREE MONTHS!! I don’t think I have the guttural fortitude to last that long on the road in a van with 6 or 7 other unbathed men. I would probably end up trying to walk home from some valley in Montana, taking my chances, walking the 2,000 miles home, smiling the whole way.
We had a great show in Derby tonight. I had never even heard of Derby before tonight. Older punks crawled from the woodworks and co-mingled with the 12 to 15 year olds who came out to support their friends in the opening acts. They cleared the room after their friends had cleared the stage, but the punks of yore holding pints of beer stepped forward and filled the room to see us. I felt honored. I jumped around like a maniac and sung the praises of the punks who started out their youth as punks and continue to be punks in the later days. And I’m not just talking about music, I am talking about a passion for music and energy and bridging gaps between countries, ages, and sensibilities. I’m sounding strange, but alas this is how my brain works.
I must talk of the Claires we met and the Kinky Rays who gave us houses to stay in and Bed and Breakfasts to drink too much alcohol in. I must talk of the town of Saxmundham (sex mayhem) that appeared from the fog as we traveled hours into the midst of England. It is rumored that our booking agent, couldn’t find us a show for this date so he just created a town out of cardboard and beer and sent his father into a mysterious land to host a show for Even In Blackouts. We stayed up all night and played Pool with yellow and red balls. We watched the Dangerfields get trashed. We discovered that both EIB and The Dangerfields had first class Deviants playing bass. While the rest of the bands were sleeping Phillip Hill and Diamond Dave crawled out the window and began a drunken tour of this small innocent town. It is rumored that they found their way into a bus and tried to go for a joy ride. It is rumored that they “found” a 75 pound cement Owl covered in green slime and carried it back to the Bed And Breakfast and laid it next to the childlike sleeping body of Gub. It is rumored that this aforementioned Owl is now hiding on the roof four stories up. This is all rumors, and so is the picture of Phillip hugging the Owl that I supposedly viewed on Dave’s phone at which point I supposedly laughed very hard.
We stopped for Juggs in The Spread Eagle in Camden. Actually we didn’t, but Gub and I thought it a funny phrase. There is a place called the Spread Eagle and they do serve drinks in a jug. We joked about the sexual innuendo, and then I fell back into my head and began to contemplate puns and metaphors, and how a spread eagle wouldn’t be a sexual innuendo if it wasn’t first an actual spread eagle. And this spread eagle resembled a lewd position. I can’t completely explain what I am saying but it has something to do with my own ignorance and the explaining away of the idea of puns... More later.
tomorrow night we head out of the UK and into France for a night off and then on to Spain, where supposedly no one every sleeps. We will also be featured on a national television show in Spain. How odd is that?

Friday, February 11, 2005

Hello, every single one of you people purposely or accidentally stopping by this blog and taking a few moments to read. EIB is in Europe right now, I sit on the couch or our booking agent in Nottingham, the home of the infamous Sheriff of the Robin Hood fame. I have not spotted him yet, and am beginning to think this story is old. I think perhaps the Sheriff in this story is dead. The police here hardly appear evil enough to be the "sheriff of Nottingham."
We have been traveling around Ireland, Scotland and England with a wild pack of belfast boys known as The Dangerfields. We played a show in a city called Norwich, the promoter let us stay over night in the pub, which was kind, but every so slightly weird. When he left he locked the doors behind him so that we couldn't get out until he came back the next morning. In the one room we packed ourselves in, there was a sign that had fallen off the wall. The sign told the story of a woman who had died, right in the very spot where the drums were set. Supposedly she now roams the pub sobbing, waiting for her husband who is lost at sea. They call her "The Lady In Grey". We did not witness her traverse across the pub. The idea of being stuck over night with a bunch of crazed Belfast boys in a haunted river front pub, is much more threatening in theory than it was in practice. The night was actually quite pleasant if not just a little uncomfortable sleeping on hard wood benches that resembled church pews.
We had a sell out show in Scotland which was pretty amazing. Insanity with no stage separating us from the overzealous audience. There were a few annoying blokes who were trying to sing into our microphones even though they didn't know the words. One of them was an older bald punk with bolging muscles and two beers clamped in his fists. It takes some forethought to deal with this type of audience member. They enjoy the music but they are so rambunctious that they actually hurt the show for others. He knocked the mic into Liz's face, and that was enough. I kicked him in the chest, in the most kind way you can commit such a deed. He seemed to take it fairly well. I warned the audience that if they got near Liz for the last three songs we would stop playing. It was a daring move to make because I didn't know if they liked us well enough to take the threat to heart. But the DID like us, and they jumped around, went completely insane and avoided the stage as if there was bullet proof glass surrounding the front of the playing area. At every show we talked to many many excitable entertaining locals with thick accents that made comprehension very difficult, but we understood enough to know that they were good people who liked to drink a lot.
I quite enjoyed Scotland. We have probably played in front of more people in Scotland than any other place on any tour so far. I find that very interesting. I underestimated Scotland, and I apologize for my premature undisclosed judgment.

Well that's if for now. Take care folks.


Sunday, January 23, 2005


01/28/2005 10:00 PM  -  Illinois Brewing Company

Address- 102 N. Center .111, Bloomington, IL 61701,  -  
Over 21 10PM

01/29/2005 08:00 PM  -  Andiamo

6th and Adams, Springfield, IL 62701,  -  
All ages With Resident Genius 8PM

01/28/2005 10:00 PM  -  Illinois Brewing Company

Address- 102 N. Center .111, Bloomington, IL 61701,  -  
Over 21 10PM

01/29/2005 08:00 PM  -  Andiamo

6th and Adams, Springfield, IL 62701,  -  
All ages With Resident Genius 8PM

Saturday, January 22, 2005

European Tour Update January 22nd 2005


EVEN IN BLACKOUTS - European Tour Update
02    UK    NUNEATON    -    The Graziers        W: Effervescent
03     UK     BELFAST     -    Front Page         W: TBA
04     UK     EDINBURGH     -    Spiders Web         W: The Dangerfields
05     UK     DUNDEE     -    Beat Bar         W: The Dangerfields
06     UK     GLASGOW     -    The Barfly     W: TBA
07     UK     HULL     -    The Ringside         W:  TBA
08     UK     SAXMUNDHAM     -    White Hart         W: The Dangerfields
09     UK     NORWICH     -    The Ferryboat         W: The Dangerfields
10     UK     LIVERPOOL     -    Heaven & Hell         W: The Dangerfields
11     UK     HIGH WYCOMBE     -    The Roundabout W: The Dangerfields
12     UK     PORTH     -    The Ilwyn Calcen         W: The Dangerfields
13     UK     LONDON (Brixton)     -    The Windmill         W: The Dangerfields
14     UK     DERBY     -    The Vic         W: Effervescent
15     UK     NOTTINGHAM     -    Junktion 7         W: Effervescent
17     ES     BERGARA     -    Sala Jam         W: TBA
18     ES     MADRID     -    Gruta 77         W: TBA
19     ES     BARCELONA     -    Sala Magic         W: TBA
20     ES     MANRESA     -    Sala El Sielu         W: TBA
23     IT     PALERMO     -    Zsa Zsa Art Factory         W: TBA
24     IT     LIVORNO     -    Metarock         W: TBA
25     IT     TORINO     -    Askatasuna         W: TBA
26     IT     LA SPEZIA     -    Skaletta Rock Club         W: THE MANGES
28     D    BERLIN     -    Wild At Heart         W: TBA
MARCH 2005
01     D    HAMBURG     -    Hafenklang         W: The Cretins
02     NOR     OSLO     -    Elm Street         W: TBA
04     UK     BRADFORD     -    Rios         W: Effervescent

Friday, January 14, 2005

My two favorite reveiws of Zeitgiest echo back to back.

Even In Blackouts
Zeitgeist's Echo (2004)
(Knock Knock)

See Others

Published on January 14th 2005

Even in Blackouts’ first album, Myths And Imaginary Magicians (Myths), was one of the best and most original pop/punk albums to be released during the last five years. Unfortunately, their full-length follow up, entitled Zeitgeist’s Echo is an absolute monstrosity.
I was quite surprised at how difficult Zeitgeist’s Echo was to track down. After re-releasing Myths on Lookout! Records, Even in Blackouts turned to Knock Knock Records for their EP, entitled Foreshadows On The Wall, and have remained with them for their latest effort. Initially, I chalked up the near-unavailability of the new album to poor distribution by their label. After listening to the album several times, however, I’ve revised my theory to account for the hordes of torch-wielding villagers who I expect are hunting down copies and destroying them for the good of mankind.
To be fair, Even in Blackouts shows moments of real growth on Zeitgeist’s Echo. They’ve bolstered their unique “folk-Screeching Weasel” acoustic punk sound with frequent and diverse guest vocals. They’ve also incorporated a wider range of instruments, including piano and cello, into their songwriting. Their doo-wop filled cover of the Clifton’s “One Fine Day” is an interesting standout, as is the maturing talent of singer Lizzie Eldredge who has one of the best voices in punk rock today.
That’s about it for positives.
Songwriting on Zeitgeist’s Echo is handled predominately by guitarist John Jughead and bassist Brad Lipman. Unfortunately, the charm and lyrical cohesion of Myths has completely abandoned the otherwise talented pair. Virtually every song on the album is artless, overwrought and marred by some mind-blowing lyrical bombs. The sarcastic undertone of Myths has also disappeared, replaced by one-dimensional wonders like “I love you and I don’t know what to do, it’s painful to think of you.” I also have to feel awkward for everyone within earshot when the band performs “Curtain Part 1,” which features the jaw-droppingly bad “she had a pussy that could devour, there seemed to be no way to satisfy it.” Not even L7 could make that sound good.
Another odd thing about Zeitgeist’s Echo is the arrangement. There are several bizarre quasi-songs and sound blurbs that repeatedly disrupt the band’s minimal momentum. The only real exceptions are tracks 14-16 which make up the aforementioned 'Curtain' trilogy. Though the trilogy ends on a comparative high note, it’s followed by the forced and out-of-place sounding “Heaven.”
I really wanted to like Zeitgeist’s Echo (indeed, after I wrote a positive review of Myths for this site, Jughead – or someone claiming to be him – emailed me a generous thank you note). There is no question that the band has what it takes to make an amazing album, and if they hang around long enough to put out another album I’ll definitely give it a listen…but I’m afraid I just can’t recommend Zeitgeist’s Echo.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find a mob of villagers to help get this thing out of my stereo.


At first when I got this album and looked at the track list, I was like “Oh jeez…17 tracks..this must be an hour long”. That, and judging by the artwork, I was expecting a self-absorbed, flaky rock band with a predilection for Halloween or an obsession with ghosts (Zeitgeist, after all, refers to some sort of ghost in German, and Zeitgeist’s Echo would make a cool name for a band). Even In Blackouts used all their guitar prowess (and trust me, there’s plenty of variation) and beautiful musical composition to win me over. Their sophomore full-length draws on the name of John Jughead of Screeching Weasel and the adept production talent of Mass Giorgini (oh yes, that one, of Queers fame) to drop an accessible record on the punk rock community.

At first, I was really confused when I heard this. Are those acoustic guitars? Indeed they are. Plug those suckers into an amp and, combined with the rash folkiness of Against Me! as well as mountain hippie songwriting, you have the driving guitar base of this band. The pop punk drumming reminds you that yes, this is still a punk band, and not a mutated accident of Ani DiFranco and Green Day. Different instruments abound, with classical guitar on ‘Threshold Opening’, electric guitar, bass, and cello on ‘A Song for..”, and piano on the Writer. I’ll stop there. Jenny Choi reveals her classical training with cello and piano. Even an accordion gets in on the act. This band has found a way to work every kind of rare instrument into the works.
These accompanying parts also provide depth to an already rich sound that barely needs the benefit of extra help, and instead of playing the act of rescuer, only serve to enhance.

The voice and words are what you might find in an indie coffee shop in the mountains (I was thinking Seattle or Asheville, NC), with a lot of folk influence, filtered through a strainer of Sunday worship service. Lizzie Eldredge is fluent in both the intimate tones of the coffee shop poet, and the husky shouts of a punk singer. She shows real talent, straining with intensity at the end of phrases, like in ‘Curtains part 1”. Harmony comes from guest vocalists and other band members, especially a duet with Dan Vapid of the Queers on ‘In A Letter..’. The ‘Curtains’ trilogy of songs turns the tension of relationships into a philosophical critique with a delicious vocal harmony at the end and spoken word throughout the first part. The songwriting is calm and mature, exactly poetry put to song, haunted by images of morning and light, dying and ghosts of relationships past. It’s like they sat down and converted a beautiful painting into musical form.

Although Even in Blackouts may be relatively new, their members bring years of experience to the table with the complexity of Zeitgeist’s Echo. This will infiltrate the scene as a beautiful and unusual band that listeners of all types just can’t help listening to.


Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hey, here are our European Dates so far:

02/02/2005 UK -TBA-

03/02/2005 UK BELFAST
The Front Page

04/02/2005 UK
Spiders Web

05/02/2005 UK DUNDEE
Beat Bar

06/02/2005 UK
The Barfly

08/02/2005 UK SAXMUNDHAM
White Hart

09/02/2005 UK NORWICH
The Ferryboat

10/02/2005 UK LIVERPOOL
Heaven & Hell Club

11/02/2005 UK HIGH WYCOMBE
The Roundabout

12/02/2005 UK PORTH
The Llwyn Calcen

13/02/2005 UK LONDON (Brixton)
The Windmill

14/02/2005 UK DERBY
The Vic

15/02/2005 UK NOTTINGHAM
Junktion 7

17/02/2005 ES BERGARA
Sala Jam

18/02/2005 ES MADRID
Gruta 77

19/02/2005 ES BARCELONA
Sala Magic

20/02/2005 ES MANRESA
El Sielu

23/02/2005 IT PALERMO
Venue TBA

24/02/2005 IT LIVORNO
Venue TBA

25/02/2005 IT TORINO

28/02/2005 AT VIENNA
The Arena

02/03/2005 NOR OSLO
Elm Street

03/03/2005 UK NUNEATON
Venue TBA

04/03/2005 UK BRADFORD