Friday, May 27, 2005

Live song from Madrid

So when we were in Madrid, Spain we were scheduled to perform a national concert on public radio and tv. We were to record in front of a hired audience of 12 people standing on a wood panel with a camera on each side to help make it look like just a small section of a large crowd. They did not get actual fans of our music or the genre, they got actors to stand there to applaud when they were told. This was also to be recorded at 9am, to be shown on a later date, later at night. In all honesty it was quite an honor and it was for a well respected show that was watched by the whole country.
Well... we pulled into Madrid, every single one of us sick! Sick, I tell you, sicker than dogs! For the first time in her 4 year career in EIB, Liz completely lost her voice. It was a traumatic time for her and for us. I convinced my self at this point that it was probably going to go badly, so I stopped thinking about it and decided to try to have some fun and make the best of it. Liz was very hard on her self. The station doctor, yes the tv station had a doctor, gave her some medicine, it made her feel a little better, but she still had no voice. It went very badly.
So anyway, this is not about that, this is about the show later that night that went very very well. Somehow the amazing Liz had regained her voice, and Gub, Phillip, Dave and I stood without dizzy spells casting down to the sweat stained stage floor, and we had a great, high energy show in front of about 300 Spaniards. I just received a cassette tape of the concert, and have put this cassette on cd. It was a fairly messy concert, but we all jumped around like jumping beans in a hot hand, that's not a very good simile but it was the first one that came to mind. Anyway, I have put a song from this concert up at our purevolume page:
It's called Darkest Days. Check it out if you can.

LIke I said it is pretty messy, but I think it sounds cool. You can't hear the bass, and we are missing Bice, sadly, but Dave did a great job on drums.
Darkest Days.

John Pierson