Monday, February 14, 2005

So we said goodbye to the Dangerfields yesterday, we will be finishing our tour in Europe and they will be beginning their tour in the USA. The Dangerfields will be on tour for THREE MONTHS!! I don’t think I have the guttural fortitude to last that long on the road in a van with 6 or 7 other unbathed men. I would probably end up trying to walk home from some valley in Montana, taking my chances, walking the 2,000 miles home, smiling the whole way.
We had a great show in Derby tonight. I had never even heard of Derby before tonight. Older punks crawled from the woodworks and co-mingled with the 12 to 15 year olds who came out to support their friends in the opening acts. They cleared the room after their friends had cleared the stage, but the punks of yore holding pints of beer stepped forward and filled the room to see us. I felt honored. I jumped around like a maniac and sung the praises of the punks who started out their youth as punks and continue to be punks in the later days. And I’m not just talking about music, I am talking about a passion for music and energy and bridging gaps between countries, ages, and sensibilities. I’m sounding strange, but alas this is how my brain works.
I must talk of the Claires we met and the Kinky Rays who gave us houses to stay in and Bed and Breakfasts to drink too much alcohol in. I must talk of the town of Saxmundham (sex mayhem) that appeared from the fog as we traveled hours into the midst of England. It is rumored that our booking agent, couldn’t find us a show for this date so he just created a town out of cardboard and beer and sent his father into a mysterious land to host a show for Even In Blackouts. We stayed up all night and played Pool with yellow and red balls. We watched the Dangerfields get trashed. We discovered that both EIB and The Dangerfields had first class Deviants playing bass. While the rest of the bands were sleeping Phillip Hill and Diamond Dave crawled out the window and began a drunken tour of this small innocent town. It is rumored that they found their way into a bus and tried to go for a joy ride. It is rumored that they “found” a 75 pound cement Owl covered in green slime and carried it back to the Bed And Breakfast and laid it next to the childlike sleeping body of Gub. It is rumored that this aforementioned Owl is now hiding on the roof four stories up. This is all rumors, and so is the picture of Phillip hugging the Owl that I supposedly viewed on Dave’s phone at which point I supposedly laughed very hard.
We stopped for Juggs in The Spread Eagle in Camden. Actually we didn’t, but Gub and I thought it a funny phrase. There is a place called the Spread Eagle and they do serve drinks in a jug. We joked about the sexual innuendo, and then I fell back into my head and began to contemplate puns and metaphors, and how a spread eagle wouldn’t be a sexual innuendo if it wasn’t first an actual spread eagle. And this spread eagle resembled a lewd position. I can’t completely explain what I am saying but it has something to do with my own ignorance and the explaining away of the idea of puns... More later.
tomorrow night we head out of the UK and into France for a night off and then on to Spain, where supposedly no one every sleeps. We will also be featured on a national television show in Spain. How odd is that?