Saturday, June 19, 2004

Well there people of Blackoutville. Were you wondering if your fellow villagers in the band known as EIB had all died off secretly? Well... no! We are all fine and dandy. We have been each individually trying to keep afloat in these hard economic times. We often forget that lives need maintenance. And some lives need higher maintenance than others, if you know what I mean... Do you? Because quite frankly, I’m not too sure what I mean.

Anycow, and now on to some business:

We are starting a tour! Yeah (cough, cough, I’m getting old). We leave the windy city of Chicago on July 1st and we head South West. Ya’ know where the summers are nice and cool, and we sell plenty of hoodies. (I’m joking.) But we are touring the South, I was just joking about the weather conditions. Weather, now that is a funny topic. Remember that friends. Whenever your conversations are geting boring talk about the weather, with a humorous edge. That will floor anybody still breathing. So what was I talking about? Wait a minute. I’m going to pause for a moment and read back what I wrote, so that I can remember where I am. You wait here. (pause) Ok, now I remember. We are going on tour! You can find accurate information about the shows at our “shows” section on our site:

Here is some more news. Knock Knock Records has kindly agreed to put out a limited edition of our new record Zeitgeist’s Echo. We will hopefully have it in our hands about the second week of the tour. I think we will be in the midst of the land of Texas, where everything is big, even the cockroaches (that’s not spelled right, is it?) The official release party will be in Chicago on Sunday August 1st. And I’m sure we will have some kind of prizes and raffles. (I just made that up. But I said it, so now it will have to happen. Prizes will be purchased and given away for free!) Boy o boy why do I even open my metaphorical mouth. I should just keep my hands shut.

We will also be touring Europe in October. This is pending based on our ability to get plane tickets that we can afford.

I think I will have more to say soon, so keep your eye on the bloggity blogg, I may get in some feisty moods soon.

I miss all of you, some more than others, but... you know who you are. Or do you?


Reverend John Jughead Pierson