Monday, March 13, 2006

Fall Of The House Of Even

Well Blackoutville. The day has finally dawned on the EVENs. We are diving head first back into the studio (Sonic Iguana) on May 7th and will not peak our heads out of that Indiana hiding place until we have a new full length record. This record will feature about 12 new songs and perhaps about 6 live songs recorded in France and Spain on our last tour.

The Lineup will be:

Liz, John, Bice, Gub and Phillip

This record will have a much more raw edge and faster and slower songs. And we will be incorporating electric guitar, electric acoustic, and of course acoustic. We will also be having Phillip Hill playing his newly discovered instrument on a few songs: The Stand Up Bass. We are very excited and will have more precise information of its release soon.

thanks for your patience and continued support.