Thursday, April 13, 2006

So, on this last tour after three weeks in Europe we flew from France to Scotland and from Ireland to Berlin and finished the tour in two more weeks. Does that sound easy? Well,it was. But the whole UK section was like a dream. There was no sleep, there was a deep fog over Scotland and Ireland and we were lead by the hand from gig to gig by three scottish guys known as Buzzbomb. We stayed at Billy Buzzbomb's amazing house (sanctuary). We made fun of our Irish promoter, daily, and gave him a long awaited nickname, Wheels (Sean McMully) Did I say we never slept? It was five shows in five days: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Belfast, and Derry. And then at 5 in the morning the next day we flew to Berlin for a show that night to continue our European Tour. Wow! We were giddy, we were sleep depravated, and we had the most amazing amount of fun! Here are some pictures.

Buzzbomb and EIB somewhere on the road in Scotland

Chilling and Chowing at Billy Buzzbomb's Suburban Pad

Bellies Over Aberdeen

Bice and John up to some mysterious "No Good"

Phillip and Liz preparing for the flight to Berlin

Picking on Wheels while he was asleep. Awwhhhh... Hehehehe.... Awwwhhhhh

Oh Yeah. We played when we were in Aberdeen too.