Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well EIB fans, it is that time again for a new Even In Blackouts Record, and once again we would like to create a record outside of the box. We are going to fund the whole project removed from the limitations and the imagined and/or actual pressure of a labels monetary decision making. We realized that we could record a new cd with less funds if we rented equipment and did it ourselves. Since we have three engineers, and at least one carpenter in the band, plus a house, there is no reason why we shouldn’t turn my basement into a recording studio and record the whole album in the underground confines of my home. It is not that we have any problems with the idea of a label, it just seems many prospective labels have problems with us. It is inherent in the concept of EIB to experiment with styles and to take chances whenever we can, and this doesn't always jive with a label trying to promote a band or a style of music. I understand this reasoning and subsequent perception of the band. I myself constantly feel the pressure as a creator to fight my own instincts to appease the public by giving them what they think they want instead of what could potentially pleasantly surprise them. We have no hostility in regards to this situation, it just limits our choices as to how to put out a record.

Our last recording, Fall Of The House Of Even, was partially funded by donations made by you, our fans. In return many of you received signed cds and shirts, booklet pages named after you, and voice samplings in a song. This, except for a few wildly odd criticisms, was a great experience for us and for the fans that were made to feel, rightfully, that they were a part of our project. It quite literally could not have been done without them...YOU, reading this. Some of you even became good friends along the way. We believe that the fun, diversity, oddness, and energy of Fall Of The House Of Even was made possible by this liberating approach. We can't help but believe in the creative freedom we will be allowed by actually living at my house with the studio in the basement. I have no doubt that this endeavor will spawn a whole new slew of adventurous, strange, raw, and beautiful songs and outtakes. In the face of all this it is a piece of hard reality that none of us in the band have access to funds beyond what keeps us alive. If we did I would not ask for help.

So once again we are looking towards our fan base to help support this record. Here are the ways in which you can contribute:

1: The most simple is a 30.00 - 99.00 dollar donation: You will receive an autographed cd, a shirt of your choosing from our present collection, stickers and buttons, and your name, or whatever you represent (company, band, etc..), on the booklet as a contributor.

2: 100.00 to 149.00 dollar donation: One of the concepts on the record is thresholds. Each page of the booklet will be a door. You can have your name, company, band, etc, written on one of these doors. You can even send us a picture of your very own door if you want to. You will also receive an autographed cd and your name, or whatever you represent (company, band, etc..), on the booklet as a contributor.

3: 150.00 to 200.00 dollar donation: The front cover will be a collage that I, John Jughead Pierson, compile from photos that YOU send us. The cover of the record will be created by your contribution of any kind of photo you want. (self portrait, some art work you have the rights to, your house, your dog, a hole in the ground, a picture of you looking directly into the sun, whatever you want.) You will also receive an autographed cd and your name, or whatever you represent (company, band, etc..), on the booklet as a contributor. And a 11 by 17 autographed poster of the collaged artwork.

And Finally one of the most exciting to us:

4: $30.00 to $50.00 invitation: During the recording we will be hosting a few nights of Living Room shows. You will be invited to our house in Chicago to partake of one acoustic show, a home-cooked meal prepared for you from the band itself, and a night full of drinking, music and shanagans. (If you are from out of town, we are allowing a few people to stay the night if requested, so they don't have to drive hours home tired and drunk.) We do not supply transportation Here are the dates:

Thursday May 29th

Thursday June 5th

Friday June 6th

The Living Room Shows will go quick so please RSVP with a payment ASAP

All payments can be made by cash or check by mail and made out to: Hope And Nonthings 5059 W Winona Chicago IL 60630
Or you can make a paypal payment to

Please email us at before sending a check, money order or payment to paypal. Just to make sure we have room or that donation tier still available.

Thank you. We are very excited about this opportunity

John Jughead Pierson & Even In Blackouts