Friday, December 12, 2008

The End Is Near!! Record Release and last shows!

EIB Selling Out!

Living Room show getting close to sold out! If you want to go to this once in a lifetime opportunity (a little over the top) please let us know now by snail mailing or paypaling a payment NOW! I have a few reservations for people without payments yet, I can only keep those on hold another week unless I hear back. We have added Cleveland and Los Angeles to our already growing list of people from different states and countries. It will definitely be a great night for conversation, music and drinking. e-mail now to if you know that you are coming and haven't yet made a reservation. You don't need to make a reservation for the basement show, but it may sell out, so it doesn't hurt.

John Jughead

After seven years of struggle and the most amazing life-changing times
we have had, Even In Blackouts is calling it quits. Our plan, since we
all love each other so much, is to go out in style and have a huge
party at the house and a few shows.

03/11/2009 08:00 PM
Penny Road Pub
545 Penny Road
South Barrington,
Illinois 60010

Description:Over 21
Phone: 847-428-0562

03/12/2009 07:00 PM
- Black Sheep Cafe

11th and South Grand Streets

Description:All Ages
also playing:
The Seething Coast
Hello, World!

03/13/2009 08:00 PM

- Reggies Rock Club

2109 South State Street
Chicago, Illinois 60616

Description: All Ages. This is our last venue show, ever!...
For info:

Saturday March 14 in Jughead's Basement (in Chicago) at 6pm. 10 bucks. With this price you get entrance to the show and the new cd, Thresholds From
The Basement. You can make a reservation for this now if you like. It
is a small basement. Probably 100 people. If you want a reservation you
can make a paypal payment to for 12 bucks The
two dollars is to cover band and paypal fees.

That same night at 10:30pm. In the Living Room we will be serving free
food and drink during which we will be playing an extended-long
acoustic show into the late hours. This show MUST be reserved in
advance, only 50 people. 25 bucks. With this price you will also
resceive a free cd.

So if you want to attend this please paypal 25 bucks to or email here and send a check or money order
made out to Hope and Nonthings to:

Hope And Nonthings c/o John Pierson

5059 W Winona

Chicago, IL 60630

If you want to attend both please paypal or mailorder 35 bucks and specify both shows.

*Any previous donor of over 100 dollars for the Threshold Recording has
free entrance to both shows with reservation. Just please make
reservations ASAP. These very same donators will receive their Wooden
box sets previous to this show. Probably in early February. (Don't
try to fake that you were one of these people. I kept copious
spreadsheets with all these names on it with e-mails and addresses.)