Saturday, February 14, 2004

Hello, I have risen from inactive life of blogger with nothing on my mind but plenty of time and the late night cafeine high. There must be something to say, we haven't written since our last tour... I think it was the first day of our last tour. My God! Where is my muse? Some one stole our muse and replaced it with blank stares? 5 4 3 2 1

Why in the Hell can't we get our godamn new record out!! What is up with labels these days? You get nothing but good reviews, you come from a prior band that is constanly toted as being "legendary". You are told your new band is unique. You have a beautiful singer with a great voice. You tour ALL the fucking time. Do you have to do everything yourself? I have this pain right here... between my eyes. I am getting tired of hearing myself complain. My brain is on the verge of storming out of my head, slamming my eyelids on the way out and catching a taxi to the nearest train station. Oh sweet oblivion, how you toy with me so.

I think the major labels are too busy creating their own bands, and independents don't really exist anymore. (side note: You are not really independent if your small label is distributed by a company owned by a major corporation) The few that actually are independent can't get distributors to take their records, and on the off chance they do take them, they don't see any money for months if at all. Good people can only pull money out of their own back pockets while they are wearing pants. All my friends are running around pantless. Moving forward as if they have not come to the part of their dream where they realize they are in their underwear, and are ashamed and forced to hide. And all the other labels are either unknown to us, or are on the edge of bankruptcy and can only invest in "sure things". My life is spent avoiding the "sure thing." Some would say I have dug my own grave. So be it! It's a beautiful grave. I shall dance on it every night. I'm dancing now! I dare you to knock me off this grave!

Oh by the way, we leave on tour again soon. And you know what. I love it! I discovered a couple weeks ago when I was in New York that I can enjoy watching others but I can't warm up to performing Karaoke. Why do I need such a thing? Oh it's fun to sit in a small room on a Korean ave penthouse suite, with a tambourine and a large book with pages and pages of "hits" Greenday for fuck sake. How idiotic it would have been for me to sing Billie's songs. But I enjoyed watching my friends getting their moment to sing in a crowd. And yet I felt like I was missing something by having what they could only pretend to have in a small room in front of friends. Singing their hearts out. And no one cared if you were bad, "ya gotta sell it, man." It was fun. It was sad. The stage. When am I ever just going to be an audience? Never. So why not enjoy my stage? No reason. I love it! I want to play forever. So let's add instruments to my grave side, I bend down every once in awhile pausing from my dance to pick up a ukulele or a guitar. That's death for you, my friends. That is how I continuously end throughout infinity.

I'll see you soon.

John Jughead Pierson