Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hello folks. Things are well in Blackoutville. Thanks to all the kindered spirits whom have come to witness the destruction of our instruments and have brought gifts of the edible nature.

Fact: We've learned a lot about saliva on this tour.

Fact: Expired plates = $75 ticket

Fact: Speeding = $75 ticket

Fact: $150 combined ticket total after being on tour for 3 hours is not good.

Fact: The Davinci Code is a fantastic book.

Fact: The onion rings at Sams Burger Joint in San Antonio could be worn as necklaces.

Fact: People with air hockey tables also have books about Salvador Dali.

Fact: The Alamo closes at 5:30

Fact: Relatives dying does not justify the throwing of object (liquid or solid)

Fact: A mesa is not a drive, is not a scenic, is not an avenue, is not a heights, is not a carmel country, is not a carmel valley.

Fact: Hollywood is not all it's cracked up to be, and the hollywood sign is hard to see when it is not lit up...take a hint from us, Glow-In-the-Dark is efficient.

Fact: Golf carts are a constant source of entertainment.
Question: Is a golf cart still a golf cart when it's on a ranch?

Enough with the facts. And now on to your lives.

Here's some real brain candy for you...

We will be having a cd release extravaganza at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on December 6th with Amazing Transparent Man. It will be a good time.
We are also working on a few other scattered shows for late December.

That's it for now,
Your friends in acousticness (Brad, Jonny, and Lizzie)