Saturday, October 11, 2003

Hello gang. It has been a sick year for me, your little Jughead. I have had bronchitis and a horrendous stomach flu. Well, that's enough about me.

Even In Blackouts is less than a month away from embarking on their fourth USA tour. This time they are taking on the Southwestern and the North western territories in a matter of less than three weeks. This I have to see for myself, so... I'm going. All the dates but 2 are now posted on the show page of our site:

We have a cdep coming out soon, to accompany our tour. The official release date is November 11th. This may change due to unforeseen circumstances. Circumstances that we can see don't seem to be affecting anything... except for what those circumstances have already affected... of which we are currently aware. Then you may ask, "What about past circumstances affecting the present and the future that we are aware of but can't do anything about?" Well, my answer is, "Yes." And then you say, "Excuse me? That doesn't answer my question at all." And then I punch you in the nose and run away with your wallet.

This cdep is called, Foreshadows On The Wall, and it is being released by Knock Knock Records: It has six songs. Three originals and three covers. We had a few friends join in: Dan Vapid (Methadones, Screeching Weasel, Riverdales), Sam Perry (A guy that lives in the Sourthern California Hills), Rachel Claff and Noelle Krimm (of The Neo-Futurists).
The booklet and tray card glow in the dark. And the first fifty people to order it from Interpunk get an autographed magic light bulb. The next fifty people get a limited edition poster of the band with glow in the dark screened autographs. Watch for details. I don't know when they are starting presales, but I expect these to go pretty fast. The glow in the dark cdep is limited to 2,000. Further editions will not glow, unless you start them on fire.

That is it for now.
See you in the funny pages.
John Jughead Pierson