Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hey Folks... Dizzy... Headache... Breathing still... I think.

Yes, something is afoot with John. On the last days of the tour I was lucky enough to contract Bronchitis! The nice Asian (Homosexual?) Doctor at the local clinic says I probably got it from a dirty payphone or a passing stranger in mid cough. However transported to my lungs, I wish it would go away. But there is something attractive about sickness, something in us that prides itself on surviving, something that enjoys being helpless, something that enjoys seeing the world through a fish tank taped to the forehead. Personally I enjoy the cold sweat, the sitting up in bed so that I can breathe and the stumbling down to the post office unshaven and half dressed. I enjoy the bumbing of my shoulders on door frames.
I have been given medicine by my kind Asian (Homosexual?) Doctor from the local clinic: BIAXIN XL 500MG TABLETS and PSEUDOVENT PED ERCAPSULES. One of these pills steals all saliva from my mouth and replaces it with what I am beginning to think is some sort of flavorful metalic feces (shit). One of them, I have suspicions, is nurishing a small man that is standing in the corner of my cranium spinning my brain on its spinal axis with its tiny hands. This treatment is suppose to make me better within a six day period. I just hope I'm still me when it's finished, and not only a being who recalls memories coldly, from above, and feels as if he has been separated from their physical reality.
So we are on Hiatus! We are looking for possible release options for our close to finished new album called Zeitgeist's Echo. In the mean time we may be releasing a cdep (we are in negotiations) with about six songs. It will be released sometime in the near future by Knock Knock Records, a record label run by a strange little sardonic man who let's you know when you pronounce his name slightly wrong and whom I have grown to rather like. More on this later.
Also we have written and recorded a theme song for a local Comedy troupe known as Schadenfreude. They have a show on WBEZ. You can find info about downloading the episodes at:
That is all for now, except that Liz lost her voice for awhile and Dan-e broke his foot.

Thanks for listening to a sick man ramble.
Good night sweet princes and princesses
John Bronchitishead Pierson