Saturday, July 26, 2003

So, there is this thing called "rain". And it falls from the sky. If you walk outside during this thing called "rain." You get wet. Sometimes (almost most of the time) people carry around these circular objects that you hold above your head. They're waterproof, and they can fold up into a small clothy thing that you can tuck into a purse, or they can fold down into an object resembling a cane. Any way, these things called "umbrellas" stop the "rain" from soaking your clothes.

We don't have one of these.

It rains all the time on this tour.

We often get soaked.

We live out of a van

I dream of wet rats

Gift Editions:
Strawberry Charleston Chews for Brad
A personalized quilt with our logo on it
We are thinking of registering at Bed Bath & Beyond

John Jughead