Thursday, July 17, 2003

Boston... Boston... Where the witches are burning, the Kerouac's are roaming, The trancendalists are romping, The Tea is spilling.

We had yet another barely attened show in Boston. That is two tours here so far. We are trying to gain audience members one per tour in MA. I think we are near our goal this time around. Very exciting.

My sister has moved to Boston. One day I picked up my phone, and my sister said "Hi, I'm moving to Boston." I said, "Oh, When?" And she responded, "My Bus leaves in a half hour." That is the way she works. It was good to see her amongst the quarter of a handful of people at the show.

We are off to a bakery to get some food that was kindly offered to us by my sister's roommate. Then we will visit the site of the Boston Tea Party to give Brad a brief history lesson. That is what touring is all about, brief history lessons. Well... that and lack of sleep, carrying heavy objects and avoiding drunks.

We were presented with M&Ms both peanut and plain while we were in Pittsburgh. We are all very greatful to this kind fellow. I hear they were good. I was holding out for the fruit so I did not partake in the eating of the candy. I have to watch my girlish figure.
By the way we would like to add Ketchup flavored potato chips to the gift list. Dan-e can't get those in Chicago.

Wow, this glob, or shplog, or whatever this format is called has turned me into a jello-for-brains. I just have nothing meaningful to say. Perhaps this is a sign of my true colors. Maybe I'm just antother pretty face in a crowd of indifference. (sigh) (grin)

Well folks I will just have to leave you in your very own capable hands. Learn something, build something, question all, and only answer slightly.

John Jughead