Saturday, July 12, 2003

Well... We are fighting the good fight. We are looking at our half empty cup and saying, “Hey, I think it’s actually half full.” And then we all chant, “ooooohhh.” The shows so far have had small attendances, but we always look at this as a challenge. And that’s not just a statement from a cheerleader or a corporate executive. It is an important element of our goal as a band. I had said before we left on the first tour that I didn’t care if we only had a hand full of people, I had known from the past that these can turn out to be some of the best shows, so I wasn’t going to let it disturb us. I can honestly say that every show has been treated as challenge to top ourselves and to never cease improving. This may sound slightly boasting, but I am damn proud of this aspect of Even In Blackouts.
We are in Alabany New York taking a day off that we did not want. We are taking a day off that frankly pisses me off. A band should be able to find a show on a Saturday. Dont you think? Well... for reasons I don’t want to go into, because it may cause my head to pop off and roll down my sleave, Squirtgun, Beatnick Termites and Even In Blackouts are not performing ANYWHERE tonight. So... what did Mass and I say to eachother. “Fuck it man, this sucks let’s call it quits and go home and sleep!” No, that is not what we said. We said, “Let’s go Swimming!”
So Mass and I put our personal money into a pot along with two hotel coupons we found at a Denny’s and got ourselves two kind-of-ok rooms at the Quality Inn. We are eating our free breakfasts and are determined to go swimming by noon. As a matter of fact as I type this the rest of the Blackouts are out there now sitting by the water sipping diet cokes and splashing water in each other’s faces. How I envy them. We are talking about going to a movie this evening, probably the Terminator or that Johnny Depp Pirate Movie.
This isn’t really that exciting to be reporting, but it is one of the only times we have had access to the internet, and I WANT TO GO SWIMMING!
Tomorrow we are off to New Jersey where we get to see our friend, Jim Testa.
So that is it for now, except I have been told by the band to ask any of you folks going to our shows to bring gifts. And these gifts more precisely are: M&Ms and Fresh Fruit
That is all

John Jughead