Sunday, January 28, 2007

So, Even In Blackouts is once again forced to take an extended break. We are all working to make money. Luckily I get to try to do that while engaged in another passion of mine, Theater. I have three productions coming up this year. I am in a show called "You Asked For It" right now with the Neo Futurists. Then I will be playing a dog who plays guitar for a pretty big event in Millenium Park for April in May, called Go Dog Go. Then the band will hopefully go on a two week tour to Spain and Italy in late May and June, then I will come back to work on a project called Fools. Meanwhile, we are working to put out a live cd of the concerts we recorded in France and Spain. An artist friend is working on sculptures of us that he will then photograph and use for the art. This person also is incorporating us into a comic book, which I think is pretty cool,, and one of the things I wanted to acheive since I was a child holding the comic book version of Alice Coopers "From The Inside. For info about this fantastic artist you can go to:
Keep in touch with us, never hesitate to send us an e-mail asking any question, or just to say "hi".
We are extremely proud of our last record, and pine for the day when we can afford to record and tour again. The record sadly lacks a little in distribution, but FDO is a great label, and I'm happy to be with them, hopefully on the way to establishing an eccletic yet congealed label of talented, diverse bands. Our record made a few "best of 2006" lists which made us happy. If you want the record but are having troubles finding it just e-mail us, or go get it at


John Jughead