Thursday, March 29, 2007

Update on Basement Show

EIB basement show with Unloveables, Methadones and Steinways

Hey so crazy crazy things afoot. I wanted to help my friend Frank from the Unloveables get a show in Chicago. It turned out all I could get was my own basement, but through a series of cool events we are now going to have The Methadones, The Unloveables, The Steinways, and yes, yes here it comes... the full line-up of Even In Blackouts. It is crazy because I just worked out a two day flight for Bice from Boston to Chicago and an even more insane flight plan for PHillip Hill. He will fly out of El Paso at 6am after a show with the Independents to chicago for the basement show and then he will fly out at 5:45 am to Albuquerque and catch a bus to Santa Fe for a show that night with the Independents. Oh the Hell we go through to be together.

So there it is:

Here are the details. The show will be starting exactly at 7pm so don't arrive late, because I am not announcing who is playing in what order.

7pm to 10pm
Monday April 2nd
5059 W Winona
Chicago, IL 60630
5 Bucks
we can only get about 50 in the basement at a time... so plan ahead.

enter side door. BYOB and kicked out by 10:30pm